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Route 85 will be closed at 9:45 AM. From 9:45 until 11:00 you will not be able to enter or

leave the Salem School parking lot by car. Suggestion: park at Round Hill Road athletic fields.

Parking: Available at the Town Green, Town Hall, Salem Library and Round Hill Road Athletic


Parking along Route 85 will not be allowed by Connecticut State Police.

Post-Race Brunch

After the 5K race please join us for a pancake/pizza brunch at no additional charge with the

Multipurpose room of Salem School. Family, friends, spectators are all invited to join us.

Results for the 2019 Road Race...

We intend to post both Age Graded Results and the “regular” results (in the order that the

runners come across the finish line). Awards will be presented to the Top 10 Age Graded Results

and to the top team. (A team is 4 or more 5K runners registered with the same team name.)

We believe “Age Graded Awards” (awards base on age graded performance instead of based on when you

crossed the finish line relative to others) are much more encouraging for all runners, a much more

fair way to distribute recognition and awards, and for race directors it eliminates waste -

you’re not buying awards for divisions that may have one or no participants.

"Age Graded Results" Further Explained...

If you ran a race and your “age graded” performance was 60%, the “theoretical best possible

performance for your age and sex” is approximately 60% of the time you ran. (So if your time

was 50.00 for a race, the theoretical best performance for your age & sex in this particular

race is 0.60 x 50.00 = 30.00). In other words the closer to 100.0% your age graded performance

is, the closer you are to obtaining the theoretical best time for your age and sex.

To compute the “theoretical best possible performance for your age and sex” worldwide data is

used for every standard race distance. There is one standard for Male and one for Female.

For every one-year age, there is a performance factor - based on empirical data of how performance

varies with age.

Many thanks to the Hartford Track Club whose help and explanations we’ve used in the above



- The Salem Lions Club


 News and Events

 March 30, 2020: 

 Pre-registration deadline. 

 Mailed forms should be postmarked by 3/23. 

 Friday April 10, 2020: 

 6:30 - 8:00PM   Salem School - Front lobby. 

 Friday night registration. Pre-Registered  

 runners can also pick up their shirts and BIBs. 

 Saturday April 11, 2020: 

 7:30AM  Race Day Registration Begins 

 9:00AM  1.0 Mile Children's Fun Run/Walk 

 10:00AM  Main Event: 5K Race 

 10:45AM  Post-Race Food and Awards 


Additional questions or comments? email: info@salemctroadrace.org